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I'm Kathleen and I am thrilled you found me.

There's no where I'd rather be than home.  Our house in Oakland, California is like a big laboratory for me.  I really love making our rooms shine on a shoestring budget.

Everyone says that they realized their passion as a kid and that is true with me, too.  I spent hours arranging my little bedroom, drawing up floor plans on graph paper, talking my mom into sewing sheets into curtains. Each morning, I tied a grosgrain ribbon into a bow over my bedspread.  I'm not kidding. I have a picture to prove it.

I still love getting "the look" for little money (thus preserving my shoestring budget) but I hope my taste has evolved since those ribbon days.

Please join me.  I promise I'll do my best to inspire and hope you'll share your ideas along the way.