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Places We Go : Staycation

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Do you have a little getaway?  If money were no object, my idea of a weekend place would be right in our backyard in Oakland, CA.  Nestled up against a regional part, the woods behind our house would be a perfect spot for a little vacation place.  I can imagine it near the deer path with an occasional tarantula, gopher snake or mountain lion passing by.  

Here's the view of our "woods" from our deck, 3 stories up.  You can see the 2nd story deck railing below.  And below that is an above ground basement level.  

Since it's a severe downslope, seems like some grading would have to be done for a level site.  And then stairs would have to be built to get down the hill.  $ signs are already rolling in my eyes.  All I'd like is a simple room and deck.  No electricity or other modern conveniences.  Let's look at the possibilities.


On a warm afternoon, we could forgo the A/C, traveling down the hill to sit on the deck of the tented room.

A container room with a big deck. 

Rustic spot for a picnic.

A dreamy tree house - perfect for a sleepover.


A modern tree house perched for bird watching.

Something like this would do - just a simple, quiet place to enjoy nature.  No packing (maybe just a bag of ice and some drinks) and 5 minutes travel time.  OK, maybe a good mattress, too, just in case we'd want to have a sleepover.  After all, who doesn't sleep better in their own bed?  

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  • I can see why people love tree houses. Thanks for sharing, Layne. I truly appreciate your support!

    Kathleen on
  • Did you know that the number one rental this year has been a Tree House? It made the news from the ABB folks!

    Layne on
  • This has almost been one of those years with a creative twist to it as well. Really enjoy your ideas. Thanks for sharing! Great to have my own computer back to see the Décor news again!

    Layne on
  • An hour a way is perfect! Lots of good memories over the years, I bet!

    Kathleen on
  • Our little get-a-way when we’re at our Portland, Oregon home is a campsite we own at Lake Merwin Camper’s Hideaway in Amboy, WA. With a mobile home, large covered deck, and a fire pit, we love to watch the deer come by for food and enjoy the tranquility of being surrounded by trees. It’s still camping, but only an hour from home. And the lake is gorgeous. And very affordable!

    Sue Pahlke on

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