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Color Game : Flower Power

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For me, the "'60's" really started in 1967.  Flower Power (in response to the Viet Nam War) started at a NYC rally in 1967.  The San Francisco "Be Sure to Wear Some Flowers in Your Hair" Summer of Love was in 1967.   

Twiggy - 1967 Vogue cover

British models Jean Shrimpton (top) and Twiggy were everywhere and truly the first Super Models (although that term hadn't been coined).  As you can see, they were sometimes covered in flowers.  Jean Shrimpton was making an appearance at Portland's downtown Meier & Frank store and I cut over from my after school job to see her.  I jumped into a closing elevator and realized I was standing with Jean Shrimpton, some older man and the elevator attendant.  So close to perfection.

Let's have some fun seeing what was happening back then and how Flower Power is still with us today.  It's amazing that such movements are still influencing our rooms.  

maggie mason on flickr.

1960's suitcases.  Did you have one like I did?

Posters, album covers and gift wrap (above) were covered in posies.

I still can barely look at anything "burnt orange," but flowered wallpaper was a '60s hit.

Flower Power lounge furniture was happen'.

Let's look at some modern Flower Power - bold in its own way.

cinagomama.more on pinterest

I think you'll agree that Flower Power is here to stay.  Nice to know that 50 years ago, Flower Power was just getting started.   

top photo credit : Jean Shrimpton by Bert Stern, 1965

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  • Thanks for reading, Craig. It’s a fun weekend project.

    Kathleen on
  • I don’t know how you find the time to put this together every week…

    Craig Jacobse on

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