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Christmas : Scandinavian, Naturally

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I gotta admit it.  I'm a bit scared to look in the "Christmas" boxes down in our basement.  After my summer purge of most things "nonessential," I'm just wondering what's left down there.  One thing is for certain, our 8' tree with LED lights is a goner as it took a village to get it up three floors and set up.  Whatever is left in the basement, I'm dreaming of a Scandinavian-inspired wonderland this year.  To get started, let's take a look at my inspiration photos.

Love the simplicity of a tree in an old bucket.

Hmm.  IKEA has loads of sheepskins.

Don't you love this branch with lights?

A cozy winter wonderland.

Nordic wooden horses wear holiday wreaths. 

Sweet staircase vignette, complete with a fragrant pine branch.

Even a fresh, basic Home Depot tree could be trimmed to look more natural.

As for those 6 Christmas boxes in the basement, I'm actually looking forward to opening those up.  While I took photos of what left the house during my purge, I don't remember much about what I kept.  Whether you decide to reimagine your rooms this year or enjoy your traditional decorating, here's to the start of Happy Holidays.

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  • Thanks, Jeanne’! It was great to meet you, too. My brain is still digesting all the great furniture I saw yesterday.

    Kathleen on
  • Hello Kathleen,
    I met with you this morning at Bassett furniture in Dublin.
    What a pleasure to meet and work with you.
    I love your website. Adorable stuff to look at. Good job.
    Very creative ideas.

    Jeanne' Kirkpatrick on
  • Thanks for the comment, Jayne!

    Kathleen on
  • I love the simplicity of your inspiration photos. Your idea of a Scandinavian-inspired Christmas sounds wonderful!

    Jayne on

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