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Easy Easter Decorating

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Do you go all out with decorating for holidays?

If you have little kiddies, you might be up to your ears in bunnies and baskets right about now.  But if there aren't children around, keeping holiday decorating to a minimum works for me.  Sure, you want to know that something special is happening and your décor should reflect that.  But what's the right amount and where should you do it?

There are three areas in our house that have a bunny theme right now - the entry way, living room mantel and the guest room.  The entry way is always a great place to set a holiday tone. The table hosts two cement bunnies (from TJ Maxx) and speckled eggs (from Michael's) corralled in a tray. Not too syrupy but still a way to say, "Spring is the air."

A very special, very old rabbit hops out every Easter and lands on the living room mantel. I think it was my father's, circa 1915. It's surrounded by moss "rocks" (from 99 Cents Store) and faux cabbage (old Christmas ornaments sprayed green).

Here's a look at the mantel with a few more eggs, some Chinese ginger jars and a cloisonne bowl from Sue's mom - all in that pretty greenish blue.

And what about this herd of rabbits up top?  They came from an unlikely source - the old video store, Blockbuster - discovered in a closeout bin for $1 each.  Once, you could squeeze them and they would say the most unsavory things, not at all suitable for Easter bunnies.  When their ability to talk eventually wore down, they got green grosgrain ties and what's left are 9 adorable bunnies silently perched on the settee in the guest room.  So that's it for this house - entryway, living room mantel and guest bedroom.

Good Luck with your holiday decorating. A breath of the holiday seems like a good way to go, but just so you know, all bets are off when December rolls around.








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  • Kathleen, the staging of the fireplace mantel was fabulous! I loved your
    entry way with the rabbits and forsythia. Most of all, I appreciate the shopping
    tips and prices. It makes decorating on a budget possible.

    Candice on
  • Thanks for the comments. We have a small basement and I’ve staked out the majority of space, all crammed with big plastic containers. I continue to toss stuff but somehow stuff continues to multiply. How does that happen? I would love to hear what our readers are finding – please let us know!

    Kathleen on
  • You are always spot on with your decorating! Lovely, lovely. You must have a HUGE ATTIC to store everything in. Lucky you!!!

    Sue Pahlke on
  • Kathleen, what a beautiful and also playful Easter display. Avoiding the politics in Sunday’s newspapers, I noticed an advertisement for colorful old fashioned Easter Egg Hunt baskets at Michael’s for $1 each. I think they’ll make darling decorations – especially in kid spaces. I wonder what your reader’s are finding out there today?

    R. Rebecca on

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