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50 DecorBook Ideas : 15. Tricked Out Refrigerator

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Our refrigerator just turned 10.  I still love it as it's perfect for two people -  a  small side by side with white glass doors and long stainless handles.  Last Saturday morning, it's was time for a little birthday celebration.  First, I cleaned it from top to bottom, inside and out.  A makeover seemed a bit much but could a refrigerator be "tricked out?" 
Before I got to the fun stuff, who knew Magic Easers work great for cleaning scuffs off plastic? 
Earlier in the week, I bought these pitchers on Amazon and it's true, milk does taste better from a glass.  The other jug stores my "Calvin" tea.  It's named after my dear father-in-law who made a mean sweet Southern ice tea.  I have "California-ized" the recipe - one bag Lipton, one bag green and one bag Earl Grey steeped in hot water, cool and refrigerate.  I pour over ice, add the juice of a lemon and a little sugar - perfection.
To trick out the birthday girl,  I bought five colorful placemats at the 99 Cents Store.  
Then, I cut one to fit over each glass shelf.
I'm going to like opening the refrigerator to see a riot of color.  It seems to be saying, "Hey, we're having fun in here."  
Maybe the best part of the morning was finding leftovers for a celebratory lunch.
I remember Martha Stewart once saying that she got a lot of pleasure from ironing.  I think my "thing" might be more specific - the immediate satisfaction of cleaning/organizing something in less than two hours.  I wonder what's your thing?  

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  • Loved the sweet tea tribute to Papa C. I’d forgotten all the tea they served.

    R. Rebecca on
  • Sue – Those pullout drawers are something I’m going to look into. Thanks for the suggestion!

    Kathleen Granderson on
  • Love the placemats. When we purchased our new frig 2 years ago I splurged on clear plastic pullout drawers that sit on the shelf. Worth every penny. I should buy some more.

    Retired Sue on
  • I agree, Suzanne. No telling when a party might happen! That particular bottle was a thank you gift from a neighbor. One morning, I looked outside and there were papers all of the street. Turned out that she put her files on the roof of her car and took off for work (not that hasn’t happened to us). The first paper I picked up was a check for $500. So, I was out there in my pjs on a treasure hunt. Nice to be thanked with good bubbly!

    Kathleen on
  • Love the placemat idea!
    As well as every refrig. should have bubbles :)

    suzanne w on

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