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50 DecorBook Ideas : 31. Stick with a Color Palette

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Sticking with a neutral color palette sure makes seasonal decorating easier.  Since our house is neutral, I can easily jazz it up with seasonal colors.  Usually, by summer, I've moved to summery blue and white.  But since Easter, I've been stuck on a sunny yellow.  The forsythia and cast iron bunnies are long gone so it was time to get a bit of summer inside.  Turns out it's easy.  In the entryway, I replaced forsythia with shells.  To keep the yellow theme going, I just tucked my sunflower photo behind the tray.  The basket corrals mail and keys. 

A collection of glass balls reflects light.

On the living room mantel, starfish tucked into the spring set up.  Still loving my yellow glassybaby.

I moved my IKEA trunk from my office to the living room, replacing an upholstered ottoman for the summer.

A piece of yellow burlap lines a tray.

More yellow pillows in the sunroom.

A sunny burlap liner in a tray.  Super easy - just cut and fringe the edges.  No sewing involved.

Bookcases are lined with books and picnic baskets (mostly collected from the Alameda Flea Market).

By fall, I just might be ready to move on to blue and white.  In the meantime, the sun is shining both inside and out around here.  Enjoy your summer!

PS. Dressing up my girl in a color theme has become a passion - I sewed tin embellishments on a felt collar, added some shell necklaces and she's good to go.


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