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50 DecorBook Ideas : 16. Screening a Room

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  • Hi Layne, That screen sounds absolutely beautiful! Isn’t it cool that something so old would fit right into your 21st century house? Take care!

    Kathleen on
  • well you managed to do it again !! We have a 16 th century Japanese silk screen that takes up a beautiful place across from the dine room . As you descend down the stair well it will have it’s final rest place for this home. Thanks Kathy!


    Layne on
  • There must have been all hands on deck to get your room ready for your return. What a special memory!

    Kathleen on
  • Hi Becky! That sounds like a perfect colors for your amazing house. Keep us posted on how it goes.

    Kathleen on
  • On my 12th birthday I came home from school and my bedroom had been remodeled. My Dad painted it, my Mom made beautiful curtains, a bedspread, dust ruffle, & pillows, and my Dad & Grandfather had crafted a beautiful 3-panel screen that was painted on one side and wallpapered on the other. I was shocked at the transformation that took place in the 6 hours I was at school! I love, love, loved it and that was my best & most memorable birthday. AND the best part was my beautiful screen…..I felt like a movie star! Every home should have at least one screen.

    Sue Pahlke on

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