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50 DecorBook Ideas : 33. Linen Closet

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Have you ever thought that a linen closet could be luxurious?  Those decorator showcase houses go all out to show an amazing linen closet, filled with crisply ironed linens and folded towels.  Let's look at some picture perfect, even romantic, linen closets and then some more practical ideas maybe we all can use.
Don't you love the idea of everything stored in wicker? These look like IKEA baskets.
Towel bars hold linens.
Additional storage organized on the door.
Wire bins provide clear viewing.
Our linen "closet" is about as basic and inexpensive as you can get - a wire shelving unit and some IKEA fabric storage boxes that I'd like to replace with wicker ones of these days.
In our kitchen, linens (tablecloths, placemats, aprons) are stored in that basket on the bottom shelf. After paring down, I still have two boxes in the basement - filled with keepsakes from my mom including real Irish linen tablecloths and napkins she hand hemmed.  While most of us don't use as many linens as generations before, I'm thinking I still would like to store them in a bit more luxurious way.
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  • Great to hear you store all kinds of things in them!

    Kathleen on
  • Those brown woven baskets are great for storage and look really good on shelves. We have several for Christmas ornaments to movie CD’s to travel books and maps. Love ’em!

    John Rusniak on

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