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50 DecorBook Ideas : 50. Decorating with Books

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As you know by now, we're going through our possessions with a fine tooth comb.  My goal is to only keep things I really love but I've come to a road block when it comes to books.  One thing I learned quickly is that no one wants old books.  Charities and libraries will take current best sellers and a few classics but understandably, nothing more.  Fortunately, layering books in rooms is a hot trend for 2018.  Let's look at some creative ways to use those extra books.

While no one is going to read these books, at least they aren't going to a landfill.

Easy side table showcases art books.

What a great way to display old encyclopedias.

A birdcage houses houses precious old volumes.

Books are an easy way to provide interest on a mantel.

Fragile books become a focal point.

A casual stack of books in curated colors.

Books as a bedside table.  Are they spray painted?  Glued together?

This headboard might not be very practical, but I Iike the idea showcasing favorite passages in books.  As you can see, books are a wonderful addition to any room.  Editing your collection, removing (but saving) dust jackets and enjoying a row of books might be the best idea.  After all, buying faux books (book spines attached to blocks of wood) and wallpaper that looks like shelves full of old books are two decorator tricks.  Seems like nothing's better than the real thing.

This marks the last of this series, 50 DecorBook ideas.  I hope one or two of them have given you ideas to change your rooms.  What's next for DecorBook?  I need your help!  If you could pass along any thoughts of topics you'd like to read about, I'd be grateful.  Please just comment below, easy peasy.  Thank you for reading DecorBook! 

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  • Hi James, Thanks for and great suggestion! Beautiful books look much better than a plastic monitor riser. I’ll remember that next time I need a monitor riser solution. Welcome to my blog!

    Kathleen on
  • A stack of books also makes for a good monitor riser :)

    James on
  • Margaret, Thank you for your comments. They give me fuel to keep going!

    Kathleen on
  • I’ve appreciated each edition of Decor Book for the commentary and for the visuals. They are inspirational; whether there is any immediate follow-up action on my part, they have been very satisfying and are filed away for future.

    Margaret Mesirow on
  • Oh no!!!
    Not the last!
    I will put on my thinking CEOs for some ideas…

    Ruthie on

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