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50 DecorBook Ideas : 49. Styling Bookcases

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Styling a bookcase is a quick change you can make to any room.  By editing your books and adding objects / framed photos / art, you'll have a new look without costing a cent.  And while a bookshelf is the practical place to store your curated books, let's look at how to create even more interest by using handsome styling.

Organizing books by color has been around a few years but it seems fresh in a white room.

Monogramic books, art and accessories - lots of "calm" clutter.

Wallpaper backing creates interest.  You could use contact paper, gift wrap or stencils.

A color edited bookcase provides a calm place to rest the eye.

Love hanging a photo on a shelves.

Cookbooks in the kitchen. 

Any room would benefit by such shelving.  How about cookbooks on such a wall in a kitchen?

Here's a bookcase design that makes no sense but I kinda love the look. The trend of not showing book spines puzzles me.  While, I like all the creamy colors, I guess you'd not be reading these on a regular basis and certainly not lighting those candles.  

As you know by now, we're going through our possessions with a fine tooth comb.  I'll write about our books another time.  For now, these styling ideas have got my mind percolating with ideas. 

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