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50 DecorBook Ideas : 28. Home Office Solutions

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Are you bombarded with unsightly electrical cords?  Do you have clutter everywhere in your workspace?  Me, too.  At least I did until I took a $30 trip to IKEA.  Let's take a look at these quick and inexpensive solutions.  I wanted to keep the area under my work counter as clutter free as possible.  Now, a basket hides an IKEA plastic box filled with cords for a lamp and "iCords."  The metal suitcase top is my recharging "center." 

At the other end of the work counter, there's a second cord management container from IKEA (under $5).  I keep incoming magazines and "to do" personal stuff in the basket next to my shredder.  

Now, there's no visible cords under my work counter.  Yahoo!

IKEA's cord management bounds monitor and laptop cords on my desk.

IKEA cardboard magazine files ($0.99 for 4) keep all kinds of reference papers and paint fan decks organized for easy access.  They are labelled with post-it notes.  The Container Store boxes hold stationary and greeting cards, labels, scrapbook items.

Behind the closet doors, my "storeroom."  When we redid the laundry room, we ended up with this extra shelving which just fit into the closet.  I did spring for plastic liners ( so things don't fall through the shelves.  

Those white boxes ($16.99 for 3) are from IKEA.  They're filled with keepsakes I just can't bare to toss.  They provide easy access inventory to rotate through our rooms. 

As for seasonal items, why not just chuck them on a shelf (or in this case on top of a cabinet)?  Practical storage and a graphic look.  

A good weekend project, organizing your workspace has lasting benefits.  As for the cords and clutter, they're still gone a year later.  Almost nothing could make me happier.   

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  • Thanks, Susan. How’s your English garden this spring?

    Kathleen on
  • Your office is looking good, KG! I always love to see what you’re up to! ?

    Susan Peterson on

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