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50 DecorBook Ideas : 23. Little Red Books

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Please Note : Organization is key to a successful house. Here's my way of keeping organized.
You know how some men, before the iAge, used to have a “little black book?" This morning, my husband said, “Well, you have all those red books.”  I said, “I do not.”  He said, “Yes, you do.”  So, I went to my desk and there they were - all 5 of them.  I brought them out and said, “But these aren’t like a little black book.” He said, “Yes, they are.”
That got me thinking.  I am a Virgo who particularly likes to be organized and because my father had Alzheimer's, I always write things down in case I forget.
But, do these red books define me?  I kinda look like a nutcase with 5 red books. My iPhone and iPad cases are red, too, but that isn‘t my fault.
After stacking them up, I took this picture.
Here they are from bottom to top and some of their uses -
  • iPad case (a gift my husband chose, I might add)
  • Kukuyo binder (magazine subscriptions expirations, movies I want to see, books I have read, blog ideas)
  • binder from Bloomingdale's circa 1981 (Christmas gift lists, cool dog names in case I ever get a dog)
  • Miquelrius phone book
  • leather journal (Mignon cover and SunGraphix annual insert)
  • planner (annual Quo Vadis which I use at work)
  • iPhone case (which I got to match the iPad case my husband bought me)
I bet most everyone has this many books but maybe not all in the same color. And maybe because mine are all red, does that say something about me?
Red is my favorite color but I rarely have it in my house (except for an occasional accent or at Christmas) yet I am always attracted to red. I love red lipstick and red silk pajamas and my red Ralph Lauren cotton shirt.
Maybe reaching for a red book seems a bit more exciting than reaching for a black or brown one. Is red my real alter ego?
So, I am going to own the fact that I have 5 red books and am coming out to you now.  Maybe I am a nutcase but at least, I know what I gave you for Christmas in 1993.

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  • Becky, I love that you have a stack of Bibles, especially your Mother’s. Kathleen

    kathleen on
  • I think going with your environment is a great way to go. I think of New England colors, rich jewel tones that might not look best in Hawaii. Keeping your house light in Oregon is smart since there are some grey skies. Thanks for the comment, Sue.

    Kathleen on
  • Stacking is a great idea! At our house it’s the many bibles that my mom collected. Occasionally, I thumb through them and find some just in time wisdom in mother’s handwriting. It’s like she’s still around, guiding me through the rough spots?

    R. Rebecca on
  • You are too funny. I love red too and often include it in my house. One can never have too many red things.

    Muffy on
  • Red is my favorite color for cars, (I can find it more easily in a parking lot), flowers jackets, books, etc. It used to also be my favorite color for décor, but now our AZ home has more taupe & pumpkin. The OR home is more ivory and greyed blue. But red is OUTSTANDING!

    Sue Pahlke on

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