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Before and After : San Francisco Decorator Showcase 2016

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Don't you love before and after pictures?  I didn't really appreciate the San Francisco Decorator Showcase until I saw the "befores."  It might seem like some of the character was removed but bright modern rooms embrace our current way of living.  Who's to say which is better?  The living room was paired down and now it gleams.  Let's take a look at these rooms - before and after the designers got their creative hands on them.

dining room : before

dining room after : interior by martin kobus, photo by david duncan livingston 

primary bedroom : before 


primary bedroom after: interior by tinker triggs, photo by aubrie pick

primary bath : before

primary bath after : interior by tinker triggs  

garden room : before

garden room after : interior by heather hillard design, photo on
If I had just moved into this $15 million Telegraph Hill house, I would be tempted just to whitewash all the walls (as in the garden room), take up the carpets and enjoy the view.
nina katchadourian
Living Room Side Note : Antonio Martins, the designer of the living room, called our attention to small framed photographs by Nina Kathchadourian.  She has created a series of Flemish-style self photographs taken in airplane restrooms using material found in the airplane (as in toilet seat covers, disposable pillow cases, paper towels).  Anthonio said that she only uses the restrooms on long flights when all others are asleep. These are amazing selfies.  Check her out at

top photo: living room after: interior by antonio martins, photo by david hunan livingston.  before photos:  found on 298 Chestnut,  San Francisco, CA 94133 - MLS# 424942 - Estately


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  • really enjoyed the before and afters…..always refreshing! Nice to see ideas here, as it gives me more spring in my step to go forth!

    Thanks a heap!

    Layne Bailey on

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