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50 DecorBook Ideas : 7. Terrific Trays

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Tray- the perfect four letter word.  Theatrical, timeless, tantalizing and totally terrific.  What better way to spotlight a collection or corral the clutter?  Maybe I've overdone it a bit - this morning, I counted 11 trays showing and there's more squirreled away out of sight - but once you start using, you'll be addicted, too.  I bet you have one hidden away just waiting to make its entrance.  Let's take a look at some terrific trays.

west elm

My favorite trays come from West Elm, starting at $25.

Isn't this a great idea for an afternoon project?

hadley court - interior design 

 west elm

And don't forget the best tray of all - serving breakfast in bed.  Enjoy your Sunday.

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  • Thank YOU for all YOUR great ideas and comments! I love to hear what you are doing, too!

    Kathleen on
  • Thanks for the updated suggestions each week. Look forward to every Décor suggestion. You my friend have a great knack at keeping us up on our toes for our homes staying or becoming lovely again!

    Layne Bailey on
  • I love my wooden trays and never put them away. It used to be that I only took them out when I was serving something on the deck. Now, I use a try on my kitchen table to hold all of our ongoing condiments like the decorative everyday salt & pepper grinders, 3 different kinds of hot sauce, fancy salad seasoning, etc., and the latest little potted plant or herb from Trader Joe’s. Thanks for displaying some great ideas that I’ll pull together this summer.

    R. Rebecca on
  • Trays are my own not-so-secret guilty pleasure. Every time I go into Seams To Fit/Home, my fave and very glam furniture consignment shop here in Hometown, I say (waggishly?!) “DON’T let me buy another tray.” My own all-time choicest tray is by Annie Monica (I hope the name is correct)—they are very expensive but collectors’ items. I have to forcibly restrain myself from buying every single one I see, regardless of whether it GOES with our house.

    elektra on
  • Ohh, what great ideas! I seem to be a “tray collector”.I just put a dark wicker tray on my daughters dresser. She is returning home from college to a redecorated room— she can put her own Knick Knacks in there. I use my sea shell collage tray as a “collect” all when we walk in the door— keys, change, new insurance cards so everyone can grab and go. I’m excited to take out my Grandmothers silver serving trays, as you show in one of the pics, and come up with something for my bedside!!

    Jennifer on

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