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50 DecorBook Ideas : 6. Hello, Front Door

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How's your front door looking?  Maybe it's time for a quick, inexpensive re-do as there's nothing like a spectacular door color to grab attention.  And to literally welcome your guests, how about writing on your door?  Easily done with a removable decal, who wouldn't feel welcomed?  As for a new paint color, let's look at some colorful inspiration.

While you might not go so far as to let in any stray cat, there's nothing like a welcoming front door.  Dare to have fun.  After all, it's only paint.

Happy Mother's Day to All!

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  • That’s a great question. I would paint the same color as the door. I pinned some ideas on Pinterest – gWitsterFinds and his board,

    Kathleen on
  • And what do you do with an ugly screen door

    Ra on

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